Golf Club Mobile Apps

Custom Golf Club Mobile Apps

When you need a feature rich, customizable, and user friendly golfing app tailor made to exceed your expectations, Private Club Apps delivers. Your clientele expect the best, and a modern golf app has to do more. Ease of use is key, and when a client has to download individual apps for individual services that convenience becomes cumbersome.

Just like your club delivers everything a client needs for a perfect day on the course; manicured greens, food service, and transportation, so should your Club App. We’ve integrated all the features your clients’ use most, and added some they didn’t even realize they were missing. This perfect package is wrapped in your own personal branding. It’s not just a Private Club App, it’s your Private Club App.

Customized for your Club

Complete Customization – Your club’s app should be as unique as your course. That’s why we’ve built an application that’s fully customizable. From logos and color schemes to menu categories; your app will be personalized for your club, making sure your clients’ remember where their best games are played.

With our custom mobile golf app users can also track tee dates and times on the built in event calendar. You can even add club event notifications and reminders. When you want a golf app made for your club, with comprehensive features you can’t get anywhere else, join the club with Private Club Apps.


Food Service – Users can also order food on and off the course, allowing you to have it ready when they arrive or delivered to your club members anywhere on the course with GPS enabled tracking. This increases sales and speed of play by drastically reducing down time.

Not only can club members conveniently order food and drink through club customizable ordering categories while on the course, tickets can even be sent directly to your kitchen or bar. Increased convenience creates increased sales and the bill can automatically be rung to the members’ account.

Food Service

Integrated features you can’t get anywhere else.

Pace of Play with GPS Tracking – Our revolutionary pace of play feature tracks individual golfers. This allows your staff to identify where and when slow-downs are occurring in order to facilitate smooth play. The dashboard monitors individual players, showing what hole they are on, their pace, as well as distance to the green.

Player’s locations are tracked as colored icons on the dashboard course map indicating pace progress. These turn from green to yellow and red if players fall behind. With your Private Club App you can easily send out notifications to individual members whose pace is affecting others, or announcements to all club members no matter where they are.

Pace of Play

Yardage Guide & Handicap Review – With an integrated yardage guide our app doesn’t just keep play moving, it helps your club members’ to improve their game. Long used by the professionals, these aids are a fantastic way to show off the beauty of your course design while giving members a reliable overview of the hole.

A reminder to post scores can be easily sent to member’s emails with the handicap review, and even confirms when they post. A day on the golf course is always a great day, but taking a slice off your stroke count thanks to your favorite clubs personalized app makes it that much better.

Yardage Guide